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From its beginning, DFET has been focussed on four core issues: environmental sustainability, peaceful solutions, corporatism, and election reform.

Current active campaigns are addressing corporatism and global climate change. The difficulty in achieving comprehensive health insurance reform is an example of corporate power with potentially deadly consequences for many in this country; global climate change is one with deadly consequences for millions across the planet. Both are made worse by corporations fighting against needed reforms because reforms might cut into profits. Corporations are obligated to maximize profit for their shareholders. The recent 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in the "Citizens United" case removing limits on corporate spending on campaigns has alerted many across the nation to the threat posed by unfettered corporate power, and we have now seen the negative result of the flood of money into the 2010 midterm elections. DFET will continue to be involved in the campaign to undo this judicial mistake. Little progress will be made in other areas until the people rein in corporation's ability to buy votes and favorable regulations which transfer risk and negative consequences to others.

The process of taking control of our lives and our planet begins locally with building communities that are engaged in collective self governance, not as some would have it, tearing down government until it can no longer function to promote the common good - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Articles and Press Releases

DFET member, Joan Nelson, responds to "class warfare" charge against Pres. Obama in letter to the editor, Sept. 27, 2011 edition of The Oak Ridger.
DFET member, Joan Nelson, responds to TN State Rep. DesJarlais' scare tactics on debt during recent town hall.
DFET member, Jim Nelson, responds to TN State Rep. DesJarlais' column on "wasteful government spending" in the July 18, 2011 edition of The Oak Ridger
Recommendations for an Oak Ridge Parks & Recreation Board
Request to withdraw the original RFP for park eatery.
Wake Up America: Stop the Corporate Takeover
Why I Support Comprehensive Health-Insurance Reform
A Response to Libertarians re Health-Insurance Reform

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